And suddenly the frog turned into
a handsome
u know what

? Riddles A About
Little Prince put a frog in a bottle, then put a cork in the bottle, yet later managed to get the frog out without removing the cork or breaking the bottle. How did he do it?
He pushed the cork into the bottle.
We kissed a lot of frogs to find our Little Prince... The tiny image of our Little Prince initially came into the possession of a Dutch collector of vintage portraiture -- anonymous and without a story of his own, he was purchased whilst laying forgotten in a Belgian flea market.

After a search across the land, he was found once again, his inquisitive and adorably innocent expression immediately calling out as the perfect face to embody our very own fairytale. Promptly purchased, he was flown around the world to us here in Traralgon, to reside here in his new Princedom.

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